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About Arricca

I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up: A writer. My first story, printed in pencil and illustrated with Crayons, chronicled the life of a pumpkin. Creativity was encouraged in my home. My mom nurtured my imagination by reading me book after book at bedtime (her least favorite involved some tongue twisters about lucky ducks!). She saved every one of the stories and poems I wrote. My dad taught me the artistry and power of language. Somehow, as only an older sister can do, I convinced my three brothers to act out the plays I wrote for every holiday. To their credit, they did it with enthusiasm!

I earned dual Bachelor’s degrees summa cum laude in English and Classics from Hiram College and a MBA cum laude from Georgia Southern University. I studied in Rome, traveled in Europe, and taught school in Asia before pursuing my love of writing full-time.


During my years of freelance writing, I’ve been relied on to pitch, research and craft fresh story ideas and content to appeal to national markets. I’ve written thousands of feature-length and short articles for print and digital platforms. Let’s talk about how I can help you.


Early writing sample, age 6

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